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Haley and Gimpy

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The Enchanted Bead

So why do I do what I do?  Good question.  First I worked for "the man" for many years and I can honestly say that I never really enjoyed what I did.  I did reception work at a doctors office for many years, I bought and sold safety supplies for a few years and I sold radio advertising for about 15 months.  Nothing really filled that part of me that needed to be fulfilled in my professional life.  When the opportunity came up to buy my step-dads blueberry farm my husband Larry and I decided that we just couldn't pass the opportunity up.​  Neither of us had ever farmed before but neither of us are afraid of a challenge either and so we plunged in and literally "bought the farm" in 2000.

We lived here and just worked the farm till 2004 when I decided that we needed to make the land work for us.  That is when we opened the garden center.  After Larry built me a cute little greenhouse I decided that it was stupid to only start 500 plants just for me when I could start 5,000 plants and sell them.  I had NO idea what I was getting into, but I know I loved it.  I've learned a tremendous amount about plants and gardening since I jumped in.  The thing I love the most is my customers and the fact that I can help them to create beautiful gardens for themselves.  

However, my true passion is beads, big beads, little beads, all sorts of shapes and colors and textures.  I love to work with beads, to play with beads, to create with beads, to talk about beads and to help others find the passion for beads that I have.  Having a bad day, play with beads.  I hope to someday be able to play with beads full time.  A garden center is a tremendous amount of work and I'm not as young as I used to be so I'm hoping that by the time I need to close the garden center, I'll be so deep in beads that it will be all I have time to play with.


We have three wonderful children and the most beautiful granddaughter and grandson in the world (sound biased?).  We also currently have 3 furry kids.  Haley and Gimpy have passed on to the rainbow bridge, as has my Tre', my 3-legged baby who was also the queen of the house, she passed in September of 2018 and left a huge hole in my heart. Trixie is our tortie princess and Elliott and Jersey are our two new boys, feral cats that we brought in to our home and they have fit in wonderfully and are living the lives of spoiled, pampered fur babies.

Thank you so much for stopping by, we appreciate your time and your business.


Jersey and Elliott

Sweet Summer Gardens

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